“ESPACE CINEMA” – A Cannes le tensioni nel mondo arabo con LA SOURCE DES FEMMES

The story takes place in current times, in a small village somewhere between North Africa and the Middle East. The women fetch water from a mountaintop spring in the blazing sun. They’ve done that since the beginning of time. Leila, a young bride, urges the women to launch a love strike: no more cuddling, no more sex until the men run water into the village.

{morfeo 89}

• Radu MIHAILEANU – Director
• Alain-Michel BLANC – Screenplay
• Radu MIHAILEANU – Screenplay
• Catherine RAMBERG – With the collaboration of
• Glynn SPEECKAERT – Cinematography
• Cristian NICULESCU – Set Designer
• Armand AMAR – Music
• Ludo TROCH – Film Editor
• Selim AZZAZI – Sound
• Henri MORELLE – Sound
• Bruno TARRIÈRE – Sound Actors

• Leïla BEKHTI – Leïla
• Hafsia HERZI – Loubna/Esméralda
• BIYOUNA• Hiam ABBASS – Fatima
• Saleh BAKRI – Sami
• Sabrina OUAZANI – Rachida
• Mohamed MAJD – Hussein


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