MAR DEL PLATA 2012 – Trenta primavere ma non le dimostra: “I Demoni” di Lamberto Bava


 – Lamberto Bava, the Italian horror we love, at the Master Classes of the 27° Festival.

No doubt, one of the most prominent figures of the festival is Lamberto Bava, director of a long-standing career in Italian horror cinema and with many great films, one of which -Demons- will be screened today for the last time.

In the class he offered yesterday at the Roxy (a place which, Lamberto kept saying, resembled the theatre in Demons), the filmmaker made a heartfelt journey through his career, which includes his own films and other people’s. One of the most resounding names during the talk was Dario Argento, whom Bava considers a good friend, apart from a very influential person in his career (even though he wishes not to speak about Dario’s recent films).

With him Lamberto worked as assistant director in Inferno and Tenebrae, and then together they made the Two Demons films, with Dario writing and producing and Lamberto writing and directing. The other influential person in his career was his father, Mario Bava, who, apart from being his father, was the father of Italian horror cinema.
There were several remembrances of old Mario: «he didn’t want me to go to school, because he didn’t think it was necessary if I could stay home reading sci-fi novels». But Lamberto didn’t listen to him, went to school and he did well.

There were also tragicomic moments: «while I was producing Macabre, his first film, I asked my father to read the script, which I had written with director Pupi Avati, his brother Antonio Avati and Roberto Gandus. He said no, no way, that it might influence him and he didn’t want that to happen; he’d rather watch the finished film». When Lamberto finished editing the film and only the final touches were left, he organized a screening where he invited, among others, Argento and Mario. When the screening was over, he asked Mario what he thought of it. Mario, with his characteristic humor, answered: «Well, thank goodness. Now, I can die in peace». Two months later, he died.

LAMBERTO BAVA is (so far) the third of four links of Italian filmmakers: his grandfather, Eugenio Bava, was a prominent cinematographer during the silent period, who then started working in FX. His son Fabrizio was assistant director in several films and has just made his directorial debut.
Apart from mentioning Demons as his own favorite film -together with the great Ghost Son, from 2007, and the mini-series Fantaghirò (1991)- Lamberto (one of our favorite guests of this 27° Festival, that’s why we call him by his first name) defined himself as someone who likes horror films so long as they move away from realism: “That’s why the blood in Demons has such an unrealistic color, just like the demons in it. I prefer to show the artifice”. (


Camera & Editing da Mar del Plata
Osvaldo Fulgenzi e Donatella Macola

Interviste di Mariangiola Castrovilli
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