“SPAZIO CINEMA” – Massimo Natale con “L’estate di Martino” affascina il ZlinFilmFestival

Mariangiola Castrovilli a Zlin incontra Massimo Natale, il regista de “L’estate di Martino”, in concorso per il miglior film.

The summer of 1980 was a tragic summer of bloodshed, marked by the shooting down of the DC9 plane in the skies over Ustica in June and the terrorist bombing in Bologna’s train station on the 2nd of August: two tragic episodes that are the background to the story of Martino, an Italian boy, and Clark, an American captain. This is a relationship that began and developed by learning to surf, and in which each of them learned how to tackle their ghosts.

Country: Italy
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: English, Czech
Directed by: Massimo Natale
Year: 2010
Length: 90`Rating: 14Story: Giorgio Fabbri
Screenplay: Massimo Natale
Director of Photography: Vladan Radovic
Edited by: Paola Freddi
Production: Mario Mazzarotto, Linda Vianello

Massimo Natale: Massimo Natale (1962) is an Italian theater and film director. He worked in public relations for many years for theater, film, music and TV. Later, inspired by the personality of the Italian playwright Pietro Garinei, he began intensively working within the theater environment, where he made a number of successful performances and also shot his first film, the short drama Party Night (Amiche, 2007). His full-length debut was the comedy Martin’s Summer (L’estate di Martino, 2010).


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