Cannes 2012: Intervista a Gregory von Hausch, Presidente del Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Cannes 2012: Intervista a Gregory von Hausch, Presidente del Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) reels out over 200 films from around the globe. Filmmakers and celebrities attend many of the screenings and events during the festival. Parties and gatherings at area “hot spots”, on board yachts, and on the beach will provide audiences an opportunity to hob knob with film talent and other movie buffs. At the heart of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival are the films and the artists that create them. During the festival, films are divided into the following sidebars: Competition Films, World Films, American Independents, Documentaries, Shorts, Sunshine Celluloid, Children’s Films, Gay and Lesbian Films, and Retrospective and Tribute Films.

Competition Films:
FLIFF has a panel of judges – consisting of professionals in the film industry to decide which films have what it takes to win top honors.
A new competition film will be shown nightly during the Fort Lauderdale section of the festival. Be sure to catch all of these films before the awards are handed out at our Luminaries Gala, so you can see if your scorecard matches the judges.
Competition categories include jury prize for best film, special jury prize, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best ensemble cast, best screenplay, best cinematography, best score, and best foreign language.

World Films:
If traveling the world is one of your passions, FLIFF offers the next best thing: the chance to visit a multitude of countries through the medium of film. So go ahead, travel the world via the filmstrip, and listen for the distinctive sounds of foreign tongues, behold panoramic views of far-away lands, and imagine the aroma of exotic foods and spices.
Remember, one of the magical elements of film is its ability to bring everyone together, regardless of culture or creed, who is willing to watch.

American Independents:
AMERICAN INDEPENDENTS Film talent originating in the United States and Canada comprises this year’s American Independent section of FLIFF. Some of your favorite films may have begun as “American Indies,” including Fargo and Pulp Fiction, and you never know when the next one will strike it big at the box office. When it does, you can say you saw it first at FLIFF; if it doesn’t, you can sit back, watch quality film and feel patriotic all at the same time!

Sometimes the best actors are our family members, friends, or colleagues; sometimes the best scripts stem from ordinary conversation or improvised philosophies; and sometimes our lives just seem like something right out of a movie.
Fortunately, we have documentary film – the original “reality show” the boob tube has been boasting lately.
Filmmakers have been busy with the genre for years combining sarcasm, history, and artistic vantage-point to capture those wonderful moments of the mundane.

These short films run from anything from one to thirty minutes.
Most are organized in a program containing several films, and others will be shown before feature length films: Check individual listings for details.

Sunshine Celluloid:
Featuring homegrown films from filmmakers throughout the state of Florida.

Children’s Films:
Features a line-up of films from around the world, which will introduce children to the art of independent films.

Gay and Lesbian Films:
FLIFF strives to program films for all members of our community. Films in this program are enjoyable for all but have specific themes geared towards the Gay and Lesbian community.

Retrospective and Tributes:
Each year, FLIFF looks back and pays tribute to some of the greatest films and filmmakers in the history of Cinema. Film series such as the “Back 50” celebrate the Academy Award winning films from 50 years ago. Each year a legendary director is awarded the “Robert Wise Award” for excellence in directing. 

Cannes 2012:
Intervista a Gregory von Hausch, President del Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Report & Camera by Mariangiola Castrovilli
Editing by Claus




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